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Your Andriasang.com Release Date Calendar, Now With More Dates

Keep track of all the latest game releases. SKE48 approves!


The andriasang.com release date calendar has been given a big refresh. So have the rarely accessed database pages.

You'll notice the following changes:

Calendar Shows Upcoming and Recent Releases

The calendar is now split into "Recent Releases" and "Upcoming" sections. The Recent Releases section shows the latest releases going back a month-or-so. The Upcoming section shows upcoming releases for the next four weeks, but you can also click on individual platforms to see complete release schedules, including games flagged date TBA.

The release chart is kept up to date with the charts in major magazines and official release date announcements. I've gone ahead and eliminated some games that are still in the official release lists but are most likely not coming out anymore (Ushiro, Devil May Cry PSP, etc.). Also, in general I won't be putting in games or dates that haven't been officially confirmed.

Some games (particularly for mobile platforms) aren't added to the chart until the day of their release, so check the Recent Releases section daily to see if you missed something. Believe it or not, knowing the precise date that Final Fantasy Legends became available for EZweb will get you chicks!

Database Pages More Informative, Less Ugly

Database pages now list things like characters, locations, gameplay systems, concepts, staff members and so-forth. See the Catherine page and Final Fantasy XIII page for examples.

You'll also find a handy list of related and recommended games. For Winning Eleven 2011, you'll find links to Winning Eleven 2010 and Aoki Samurai, for instance. For Catherine, you'll find links to the Persona games.

This part of the site is being gradually built up over time, so check the pages for your most wanted releases periodically.

Affiliate links

Yes, Andriasang has sold out (she's such a whore!). You'll find affiliate links on the release chart and the database pages. Currently, I'm only using PlayAsia because they ship games worldwide.

As with all database driven parts of the site, the calendar and database pages can be switched between Japanese and English by clicking the "JAPANESE/日本語" button on the top menu.

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