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God Eater Goes Mobile

Mobagetown gets another major social gaming experience later this month.

From the recently released God Eater Burst.

Namco Bandai previously said it would be bringing God Eater to mobile platforms. Today, it shared specifics.

God Eater Mobile will be released later this month to DeNA's popular Mobagetown mobile service. As with other Mobagetown games, it's an item-based game, meaning basic play will be free, and it will have social elements.

The basic premise appears to be the same as with the PSP version. Players team up to defeat large monsters known as the "Aragami" using custom built characters. Like the PSP titles, players will be able to enjoy a storyline as they work through missions.

Namco Bandai is promising a simple control scheme for mobile players. Also, the game will place an emphasis on gathering friends, who can help with healing, attack and defense.

God Eater was first released to the PSP earlier this year and is widely viewed as Namco Bandai's attempt at creating a Monster Hunter style game. A followup, God Eater Burst, was released two weeks back and topped the charts with over a quarter million units sold in its first week. Burst is being released internationally through D3 Publisher.

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