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Trinity Zill O'll Zero Demo 2 Hits on Thursday

Get a more substantial sampling of Tecmo Koei's long awaited RPG.

Trinity finally arrives later this month. But first, one more demo.

The first Trinity Zill O'll Zero demo arrived on October 14 and was basically the same build that Tokyo Game Show attendees played. Demo two, set for release on the 11th, will offer a more substantial experience, it seems.

The second demo was detailed today at the Trinity development blog. Downloaders will be able to sample the the basic gameplay flow, from making purchases in town to taking up quests at an adventurer's guild. While you won't be able to experience the depth of the main story, there will be a short story created exclusively for the demo.

You'll also find a couple of demo exclusive quests. One of these is set in the "Cave of the White Sands" dungeon that was shown in the game's E3 build. The other is set in Zeguna Mines.

Hold on to that copy of the TGS demo if you have it. The new demo will have some timing and balance gameplay adjustments which you may want to compare as you wait for Trinity's final release on the 25th.

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