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This Week's Flying Get: D Style

Disgaea 4 details, new Falcom game, and a first score for Criminal Girls.

New Disgaea 4 details and more, courtesy of Dengeki.

Starting this week, I'm going to be splitting up the weekly Flying Get column into separate columns for the "D" magazine and the "F" magazine. Info from the D magazine usually leaks out one day ahead of info from the F magazine, but the D magazine only comes out on alternating weeks.

(By the way, I'm referring to the magazines by initials because that's how Japanese blogs refer to them. There's also the J magazine and the G magazine.)

As with all Flying Get columns, I usually get the information from message boards or blogs that themselves get the info from message boards. While usually accurate, there are some exceptions where I had to bust out the HTML strike tag en masse.

Check back throughout the day for updates!

Added 21:01

Okay, Maybe Criminal Girls Isn't Criminally Good

That "A" rating for Criminal Girls from below may not be correct. Dengeki's numbered scores for the game were a middling 75, 75, 80 and 65.

Tactics Ogre did much better, with a 90, 90, 95 and 80.

Dengeki was more favorable to one of these.

More Details on Rune Factory Oceans

Dengeki has a big interview with Oceans producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto this week. Hashimoto said that he believes players will be surprised once they learn how the game uses PlayStation Move for its controls. He would not share specifics.

Whatever Hashimoto and crew have planned, it won't be forced. You'll be able to opt for standard controls.

Hashimoto also discussed the inclusion of the male and female main characters. As previously reported, the game offers fewer potential male counterparts for the female character, Sonia, compared to the choice of female counterparts for the male character, Azel. It turns out that you won't even have to go after any of the candidates. It's possible for Sonia and Azel to get married.

Considering that Azel and Sonia occupy the same body, I'm really wondering how this is going to work.

Hashimoto described Oceans' gameplay systems as being full of new elements. Farm work remains in the game, but this will also have some major changes.

Those who've never played a Rune Factory game before -- something that may be of concern to PlayStation 3 players, as the series has thus far been exclusive to Nintendo -- should not worry about being lost, as there's no story connection to past games. Hashimoto noted that Oceans is not a numbered entry in the series. He wants players to enjoy it as a new title.

Save Your Data for Zero no Kiseki 2

A more complete summary of Dengeki's interview with Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo has surfaced. It looks like Kondo only briefly mentioned Falcom's next project, saying that Falcom would like to make an announcement some time next Spring. This summary doesn't mention anything about the game being an original title, so I'm not sure if that's actually mentioned in the interview or not.

The focus of the interview was on Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki, which recently saw PSP release. Kondo said that players should hold on to their system data, as there will probably be a sequel. He also said that they want to do download content.

Hold on to that Zero no Kiseki save file!

A Few Bits about the Tales of Graces F DLC System

Famitsu revealed last week that Tales of Graces F will have free "Groovy Chat" skit downloads -- that is, downloadable installments of the character dialogue sequences for which the series is known. While Famitsu said that these downloads would be offered for holidays and commemorative days, Dengeki says that Namco Bandai is planning to offer three to four per month.

Added 13:15

Date Set For Haruhi Suzumiya

The new PS3 and PSP Haruhi Suzumiya game, Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou, has a final release date of March 24. Dengeki reports that the PSP version will run ¥6,279 and the PS3 version ¥7,329.

Both versions will have a limited edition box, priced ¥11,529 on PS3 and ¥10,479 on PSP. This box includes a booklet, a binder, three clear posters, a 3D poster with 3D glasses, and a special video collection. The PSP version will have the video collection on a separate UMD video disc. The PS3 version will ahve the collection on the game disc.

Disgaea 4's Online Component

In Disgaea 4, you can collect parts to build a pirate ship. Once your ship is completed, you can have your characters board the ship and send it out onto the great ocean known as the internet where it will apparently meet up with ships from other players.

The text at the blog I'm reading for this info is unclear on how this system works. It may be that you download the ships from other players for battle, or it may be that the battles take place automatically. We'll have to wait for clarification.

You can also send out your characters to other players who can use them in battle.

Nippon Ichi has been pretty quick with getting out online stories and media for Disgaea 4, so we'll hopefully get details later this week.

Rune Factory Oceans Has a Surprising Control Scheme

The PS3 version of Rune Factory Oceans is known to have Move support. Dengeki apparently says that players will be surprised with how the device is used. I'm not sure if the magazine has actual details beyond this.

How will Move be used in Rune Factory Oceans?

Criminal Girls is Criminally Good

Dengeki scored Nippon Ichi's PSP RPG Criminal Girls an A. That's all I know at the moment!

New Falcom Game Coming Next Spring

Dengeki has first mention of a new game from Ys and Legend of Heroes maker Falcom. Apparently, the new game will be announced next Spring. It also appears that the new game will be an original title and not a sequel.

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