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Latest in Okamiden Cuteness: The Chibiterasu Mug

This cup will keep both your beverage and your heart warm.


With the Chibterasu slippers, the Chibiterasu pillow, and the Chibiterasu book cover, it seemed that Capcom had thought of everything for a quiet night of Okami-themed reading.

But what about the hot beverage to keep your insides warm?

Enter the Chibiterasu Face Mug Cup. The fourth item in Capcom's goods request project for Okamiden, the ceramic cup is 8cm diameter and 9cm tall and includes a cover for keeping your beverage warm.

The cup will be available in February for ¥1,890.

Here are pics of the other items in the series.

Note: in the event that you do get any of these items, game collection theory dictates that you should never, ever, ever actually use them for what might seem like their intended purposes. Please put these items on a shelf forever and step on anyone who tries to use them.

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