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Namco Bandai's Secret Plan For Selling 200,000 Copies of AKB1/48 Revealed

Gotta catch them all... them being the bonus photos of the girls.

An actual screenshot from AKB1/48.

I have no doubts that AKB48 has a big following, but are there 200,000 people out there willing to buy a game that lets you make believe that the band's 48 members are head over slippers in love with you? That's the target sales figure Namco Bandai has set for AKB1/48, a live action PSP love sim that has players choose a member of the group to be their one true love (while rejecting the other 47 -- not an easy task, as you're forced to watch rejection videos where the girls show their crotch busting bad acting).

It turns out that the game won't need 200,000 actual buyers. All it needs is... err... divide by 2... carry the one... round up.... All it needs are a few rabid AKB48 fans.

The key to Namco Bandai's sales strategy lies in the game's bonus item. When you buy the game, you'll get a set of pictures of the girls. The standard version of the game (¥5,229) comes with one picture. The limited edition (¥7,329) comes with three. The massive super ultra limited edition (¥10,479) come with 10.

1 pic!
3 pics!!
10 pics!!!

The game's official Twitter revealed yesterday that each girl has three images, each showing different clothing. That means a total of 144 images.

A little math tells you... well, a "little" math doesn't tell you anything because the images are given out at random. Buying 15 copies of the super ultra limited edition or 144 copies of the standard version probably won't guarantee you all 144 images. But I bet some fans will do it, and Namco Bandai will be on their way to 200,000 units sold!

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