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5pb. Unveils Original Xbox 360 Fighter

Meet the cast of Phantom Breaker, and find out what 5pb.'s CEO has to say about his company's first fighting game.

This is what we've been seeing at the Phantom Breaker teaser site since July. The full site is set to open later this month.

Months after a teaser announcement, 5pb. has finally taken the veil off its original fighting game Phantom Breaker. This week's Famitsu reveals the platform for the game to be Xbox 360 and shares first gameplay and story details.

For its first fighting game, the adventure masters at 5pb. are promising simple controls and a deep combat system. You can select between "Quick" and "Hard" fighting styles for your fighters. It's unclear what the different modes do, but regardless of the mode, the game's special attacks will be performed with a single button press -- no need to input commands. Despite this simplicity, the game does include advanced elements like countering and guard breaking.

The game screen (which those without access to Famitsu probably won't see until later in the week) displays two gauges. Your Burst Gauge is built up by beating up on your foe. It can then be used to strengthen your specials and to escape combo attacks. Your Tension Gauge is built up by countering enemy attacks. Once full, you can use a powerful "Critical Burst" special.

The game's cast of fighters are known as "Duelists." As the story goes, they've all been invited to Tokyo by a mysterious person known as Phantom to take part in the "Duel." The prize for the winner is an item known as F.A, capable of granting a wish.

Characters introduced in the magazine include:

A hot blooded male fighter who uses a gauntlet as his weapon. He's joined in the fight to help his sister, who has an incurable disease.
A former high society girl who now works at a restaurant. She uses a "battle hammer" named "Maggie" as her weapon.
Yuzuha hopes for a revival of the shogunate. She makes use of a kunai and Ninjaken as her weapons.
A 14-year-old idol who got her break playing a witch. As her weapon, she makes use of a magical stick known as "Candy."
A maiden at a shrine. She's fighting to stop the duels.
A girl who's pursuing her mother's rival. She makes use of a dual sword called Ardina.
A duelist who makes use of a weapon called "Humangasu." She's lost her memory and is taking part in the duel to fulfill her impulse to destroy things.

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