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The Last Story Has Online Play

Six player cooperative and competitive play confirmed for upcoming RPG.

Team up with other players to take on powerful monsters.

Nintendo and Mistwalker have been keeping one major part of The Last Story a secret all this time. This week's Jump reveals that the upcoming Wii RPG has a six player Online component.

Using the game's "Raid Lobby," players can access a six player cooperative and competitive play mode. The competitive play has players selecting their favorite character and facing off on the battle field. The cooperative play has all players team up to take on a powerful monster.

You'll take control of not just Elza but your allies as well during online play.

As usual for a Jump reveal, the details only go surface deep. We can probably expect more details to surface through Famitsu and the official site next week or the week after.

Jump also details an area that was mentioned in a previous Iwata Asks column (see here). You can play dress up with your characters. Change your equipment and weapon, and you'll see visual changes to your character. You can also use a "paint" item to color your armor as you please.

Finally, some new story details. Jump introduces General Trista, a knight who was once the highest ranking officer in the imperial army. He's currently traveling the world, apparently in search of the connection between war and the devastation of the imperial main land.

Is Trista a friend or foe? The artwork shown in Jump makes him look like a pleasant guy. Jump says Trista plays a major role in the story, so expect to hear more about in in future updates.

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