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New White Knight Chronicles 2 Content: First Look

New items, new quests and more for Level-5's online RPG.


We already got word of the latest updates and download content for White Knight Chronicles 2 courtesy of Weekly Famitsu last week (see this story). Now have a first look through the 160 plus images Sony and Level-5 sent out today.

Outside of the first two quests you see below, which hit tomorrow and on the 25th, the content here is planned for early next year. Consider this a preview of things to come.

Tsuisou no Shoukinkubi

A free quest that's due for release on 11/11. Demons have fled into a forest. Knights and adventurers are having a hard time gathering them. You'll have to help out.

Kieta Oukyuu Kishidan

A free quest that's due for release on 11/25. The royal knights have been dispatched to explore some mysterious occurrences, but have themselves disappeared. You have to rush to aid them.

Story Quests

A new feature that will be implemented in early 2011. This adds new maps and puts your avatar in the lead role of a new story that will be distributed in the form of quests. It looks like the birth of the Sina Knights will be explored in this story.

Guild System

A new system that will be added this Spring. Guilds are groups of your friends. With these new features, you can create guild exclusive rooms, message boards and shops. By clearing quests, your group will see its name rise, which leads to a higher guild level and more elaborate guild shops and rooms. The game will periodically compute rankings of the top guilds. The top placers will get some extra bonuses.

See the changes from a low guild rank to a high guild rank?
Your guild area becomes more advanced as you rise in rank.

New Weapons and Synthesis Options

These are coming in early 2011 and beyond.

New Georama Parts

These will hit in early 2011 and beyond. Sony is also planning seasonal parts for Chritmas, New Years and other events.

Georama Statues

This feature will be added in early 2011. You'll be able to place a "Statue Production Facility" in your town. The facility will create random statues which can be placed in your Georama area. The statues take time to complete, but by clearing quests with high rank, you can reduce the time. You can also make statues immediately by using paid tickets.

New Quest Types

Free quests, shown below, allow you and your friends to freely play without considering time, guild rank, level and other areas. Sony is also planning Challenge Quests, which feature tough bosses, and other quest types.

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