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One More Location Test for Metal Gear Arcade

Sample the latest rev of Konami's 3D Metal Gear Solid arcade title.


It looks like Konami may just make the December release time frame its latest earning report listed for Metal Gear Arcade. Today, the company sent out notice for what it said will be the final location test for the game.

If you'd like to sample Metal Gear Arcade ahead of release, visit Leisure Land in Akihabara from the 19th through the 21st. You'll get to try out the latest rev, which adds a number of new features.

The game's Mission Mode, which offers solo and local cooperative play missions, will offer five mission types in the location test build. Two of these are new. In Sneaking Missions, you must make it to the target location without being seen by the enemy. In Defense Missions, you must protect your base from advancing enemies.

Sneaking Missions
Defense Missions

The new build also adds CQC, or "close quarters combat," a familiar components for the Metal Gear Solid series. You select CQC via the weapon change button on your gun. You can only use CQC in Sneaking Missions or after you've obtained CQC from the customization screen.

Metal Gear Arcade is an arcade adaptation of Metal Gear Online. It makes use of a gun controller and has optional 3D visual output.

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