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Call of Duty Black Ops Commercial Features Song from Namie Amuro

Square Enix gets a major name to promote the latest FPS.


For the overseas Call of Duty Black Ops campaign, Activision made use of such big talents as The Rolling Stones and Eminem.

For the Japanese campaign, Square Enix has tapped someone just as big, at least amongst the Japanese public.

Namie Amuro's "Rock U Feat. Namie Amuro" is featured in a Call of Duty Black Ops commercial that hit the airwaves today. You can see the spot for yourself at the official site (click the left button to get past the age gate), or stream it here:

Call of Duty Black Ops is being released here in separate dubbed and subtitled versions. The subbed version arrives first on the 18th. The dubbed version is due on December 16.

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