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Kinect Sports to Feature Announcer Akira Fukuzawa

Microsoft taps a major sports voice talent for Kinect launch title.


When you boot up the Japanese version of Kinect Sports, you will be greeted by this guy:

Microsoft announced today that freelance announcer Akira Fukuzawa will be voicing the Japanese version of the Kinect launch title. Players will hear Fukuzawa's voice in the main menu, during event explanations, and in other areas of the game. Trademark Fukuzawa phrases like "Fire!" and "Just Meet" have made it into the final script, Microsoft says.

Kinect Sports launches opposite Kinect on the 20th. Also set for launch day are Crossboard 7, DanceEvolution, Karada de Kotaeru Atarashii Nou Tore, and Sonic Free Riders.

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