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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Meet Doboruberk

Plus, watch the stars sample the game at the recent press conference.


The latest Monster Hunter Portable 3rd monster reveal is Doboruberk (ドボルベルク), the Tail Hammer Wyvern.

Doboruberk resides in forest areas and makes use of his massive hammer tail to fend off foes. He's also speedy and can use a "tackle" move to charge at you.

For official details on the various moves, visit 4gamer's report.

To go along with this update, we have a couple of camera grabbed videos from the recent Monster Hunter Portable 3rd premier event (see this story for a summary of that event). Famitsu.com posted the videos to its YouTube channel today. Look below to see the game's celebrity spokespersons sampling the latest gameplay systems.

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