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Let's Take a Serious Look at AKB1/48

Revealed: how you'll date and reject 47 adorable Japanese idols.


Namco Bandai's latest update on AKB1/48, the game where you select just one (of 48) members of pop band AKB48 to be your girlfriend, is, once again, heavily focused on the packaging and bonus content. But there are a few game details in there as well, so let's start there.

Unless I'm reading wrong, AKB1/48 is officially described as "the ultimate love delusion game where you unforgivingly reject members of AKB48." At the beginning of the game, all 48 band members are in love with you (the delusion part maybe?). They'll approach you one after the other, and you'll have to reject 47 of them (the unforgiving rejection part).

The game serves as a means of connecting with members of AKB48. You can date, make phone calls and exchange mails with your favorite band member. Although the girls are in love with you, you can increase their favor to make them give the "ultimate confession" of their love to you.

The basic flow of the game has you place a call to the girl of your choice by selecting her from your phone's history. You'll end up going out on a date to a pre determined location. During the date, you'll get to make selections which could result in the girl's favor for you growing.

As you continue your dates with a single girl, she'll end up placing phone calls and sending mails to you, sometimes with "trading cards" attached. If a girl leaves a message on your voice mail, you can choose to respond, triggering another date.

One of the girls may confess her love to you. You'll be able to select to reject her, and she'll disappear from your address book. Namco Bandai hints that girls you've rejected could make another attack.

AKB1/48 also has album and music player modes.

The album mode stores the still photos and trading cards that you collect during the game. You can turn your favorite picture into the wallpaper for the top menu.

The music player mode lets you play back music from the game, which includes, as you might expect, popular AKB48 songs. You can also use this mode to select a song from your Memory Stick to serve as the game's background music.

And now for the packaging. Here's a look at the various versions of the game and all the bonus content you could end up getting.

Standard Edition

Priced ¥5,229, this includes just the game and one picture of the girls.

The game disc.

Limited Edition

Priced ¥7,329, this includes the game, a UMD video disc and and three pictures.

"One Production Run, Can't Be Auctioned Box"

Priced ¥10,479, this includes the game, the UMD video disc, a 3 DVD making of video, 1 to 1 scale "real size kiss stickers," changeable game case jackets (24 pages, 48 covers), a special box, and 10 pictures.

Premier Special Pack

Priced ¥36,729, this includes everything from the "Can't Be Auctioned" box, but adds a special PSP-3000 unit and 48 "kiss mark battery covers."

Bonus Goods

Here's a look at all the bonus goods mentioned above:

Making of DVD
One making of DVD disc per team (AKB48 is split into three teams of 16 members).
The UMD video disc featuring unused footage.
The swappable jackets.
The 1 to 1 scale kiss stickers.
The bonus pictures. 144 pictures are available, three for each girl.
The pre-order bonus is an unlock code for 48 trading cards that can't otherwise be unlocked in the game.

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