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Rune Factory Oceans Has Seriously Short Load Times

Check out a video of the Wii version showing the super fast transitions.


The Rune Factory Oceans team has in the past boasted that their new game has short load times. Today, they set out to prove it by sharing a video.

You can view the brief clip at the site, or stream it here:

The video shows the player running through town and passing through two transition points. The transition is instantaneous, with no apparent loading.

As detailed by producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto in the latest post at the game's development blog, the video was taken using the Wii version. The only reason for this is that the Wii version was closest to him (lazy!). There's no deeper reason, he said.

The PS3 and Wii versions have pretty much the same loading speed, said Hashimoto. "We've broken the two second wall for switching maps and other areas. Thanks go out to the programmers who continued their research over a long period!"

Outside of the loading video, Hashimoto provided a super brief comment about the game's farming mechanics. As previously mentioned, you do your farming on the islands that Ymir, the giant that serves as your means of transportation across the vast ocean, pulls up from under the water. You can easily move between islands by setting Ymir to auto walk.

Closing off the post, Hashimoto promised that bath scenes will be in the game.

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