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What's New For PSP's Persona 2 Innocent Sin

Screenshots show some of the changes Atlus has cooking for the PSP remake.


Atlus and Famitsu outlined all the new features of the PSP version of Persona 2 Innocent Sin back at the game's announcement a few weeks back. Now that we've got a full array of media, let's take another look.

The primary changes mentioned by Atlus include:

  • New opening movie created by Satellite. You can also opt to view the original opening.
  • Change difficulty between easy, normal and hard during the game.
  • Media install to cut load times.
  • Cut-in animations during battle.
  • Remixed versions of 100 music tracks, plus the inclusion of the original music as well.
  • Field screen shows mini map and party status.
  • Battle screen shows demon feelings (happy, angry, fearful, interested) and character order.
  • New character illustrations.

For more details on the changes, see this Famitsu recap from last month.

You can see a few of the changes, along with the main cast members, in the screens and art below.






You can consult the Persona 2 Wikipedia entry for full profiles of the characters.

Tatsuya Suou (周防 達哉)

Blood Type: B / Sign: Leo

Eikichi Mishina (三科 栄吉)

Blood Type: O / Sign: Scorpius

Lisa Silverman (リサ・シルバーマン)

Blood Type: A / Sign: Taurus

Maya Amano (天野 舞耶)

Blood Type: B / Sign: Cancer

Yukino Mayuzumi (黛 ゆきの)

Blood Type: B / Sign: Aries

Jun Kurosu (黒須 淳)

Blood Type: AB / Sign: Aquarius

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