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Aya Brea Has a Maid Costume

The latest gameplay, story and costume details for The 3rd Birthday, courtesy of Jump.

Aya's office lady suit outfit. Square Enix continues to unveil new outfits for its big yearend PSP release.

In case you thought Aya Brea couldn't get any sexier following her office lady outfit, this week's Jump provides a first look at the 3rd Birthday lead's maid outfit.

Rather than sexy, the term the magazine uses to describe the costume is "cute." The costume is sleeveless and has a short skirt, but it's actually less revealing than the office lady outfit.

A piece of artwork shown in the magazine has maid Aya bringing out a gun on a platter. Above her, a heart-shaped text bubble shows Aya saying "Welcome, master."

As with all The 3rd Birthday costumes, the maid outfit will tear up as Aya incurs damage. Based off the single screenshot in the magazine, it looks like the costume's high stockings will be the first to go.

The magazine has a few story and gameplay details as well this week.

On the gameplay front, the magazine introduces Aya's powerful "Overdive Kill" move. When the enemy leaves an opening, possibly as it retreats from your well timed grenade attacks, the triangle button will flash on the screen. While locked on to the enemy, press triangle and you'll execute this move, which makes Aya perform her Overdive ability against the enemy, attacking its consciousness directly and dealing great damage.

On the story side, the magazine introduces another support character, Kunihiko Maeda. Players will recognize this genius scientist from past Parasite Eve games. A specialist in Mitochondria research, Maeda moved from Japan to New York and has earned great trust from Aya.

As with all The 3rd Birthday magazine coverage, we'll probably get an online look at these elements either through Famitsu.com or the official site over the next couple of weeks.

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