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Week In Review

The top ten stories from the week prior. Plus, some stories you might not have read.


It was a slow week for Japanese game news. But things picked up at the very end of the week as just prior to midnight on Friday, Sony made a worldwide announcement about Gran Turismo 5's release date. Not surprisingly, Gran Turismo 5 was among the most popular topics here over the past week as gamers anxiously (and in some cases hilariously) waited for word of the final date.

There was some other big news from the usual suspects, though. Here are this site's most popular stories from last week (11/7 to 11/13) based off views.

10. Namie Amuro in Call of Duty Black Ops Commercial

Activision used Eminem and Rolling Stones for the Black Ops commercials in the Western world. In Japan, publisher Square Enix left the tough task of promoting an FPS to pop legend Namie Amuro.

The resulting commercial:

This isn't the first time Namie Amuro has done something game related. Behold, Yu Suzuki's top secret Sega Saturn project, Digital Dance Mix, featuring a young and not yet corrupt Namie Amuro:

9. Microsoft Wants Gal Gun Changed

A report about Microsoft possibly wanting changes for Gal Gun, a light gun shooter that doesn't actually have light gun support, was bigger than the following other stories about the game:

This doesn't look so bad does it? (Hint: watch the new promotional video.)

8. Flying Get

This week's Flying get was split into F style and D style. Famitsu (the F in F Style) gave Call of Duty Black Ops a near perfect score, had a followup on Disaster Report 4, and revealed an Xbox 360 fighting game and shooting game. Jump (also in the F Style column) revealed the not so shocking news that Bleach is coming to the PS3 (the first of 7 -- just watch!) and the totally shocking news that Wii's Last Story has online play. Dengeki (the D) offered a review of Criminal Girls, some Rune Factory details, an interview with Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo revealing that the company hopes to announce a new project next Spring, and details on Disgaea 4's online component.

7. Namco Bandai's Games Didn't Sell As Expected

Namco Bandai slashed the sales expectations figures for many of its games and for some reason decided to tell everyone about it. Based off the baffling text in the financial presentation that contained the figures, it appears that they were trying to show how the numbers indicate that they should have Japanese development teams take the lead in development. I think it's debatable that the numbers actually indicate this, which is why I gave up trying to summarize the financial presentation after about an hour of slamming my head against the table.

6. The Last Story Has Online Play

This came out of nowhere. The Last Story, the new Wii RPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, has online play, Jump revealed this week. The game has both cooperative and competitive play, although this appears to be just a separate mode from the main story. As always, we'll probably get some real details in Famitsu this week, and hopefully an official site update.

One day, probably many weeks from now, Nintendo will release new screens of The Last Story so I can stop using the same screens over and over again.

5. Tetsuya Nomura's Message About Final Duodecim Dissidia Fantasy

Tetsuya Nomura didn't say much in his "message" at the Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy blog, but it seems people are so excited about this game that they want every little bit. In addition to the message, Square Enix updated the Final Fantasy history feature with Final Fantasy III.

4. Vaan Confirmed For Dissidia Final Fantasy Duodecim

Jump confirmed something everyone has known for years now. Vaan is going to be in the sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy. What no one knew until just recently is that Tetsuya Nomura really is allowed to name his games whatever the hell he pleases.

Based off the comments in the story, people don't seem to like Vaan all that much.

3. Yamauchi: Release Date About to be Announced

Gran Turismo mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi Tweeted that the release date was about to be announced just a few hours before it was announced. The excitement surrounding GT5's release date made this the third biggest story of the week here.

2. Gran Turismo 5 Steering Controllers Set for November 25

Logicool (that's what they call Logitech in Japan) announced new release dates for its official GT5 licensed steering wheel before Sony announced a date for the game. Coincidence or... CONSPIRACY!? Anyhow, probably only because no one else on the internets wrote about it, this was the big Gran Turismo story for the week here.

Game of the forever? We'll find out on November 24/25!

1. White Knight Chronicles 2 New Content

White Knight Chronicles 2 stories always get lots of readers here -- even little quest updates (which is why I keep writing 'em... that, and I just loooove the look of the giant knights). I'm not sure how many of the readers are people playing the Japanese version and how many are people anxious about the international release. Regardless, congratulations to Level-5 for having this week's number one story.

Some of the new White Knight Chronicles 2 content.

Here are a few stories that didn't make the top 10 but are worth a read:

Ys Book I&II is my favorite game in the history of the world. Feena would have been the top image for this story, but Namie's legs are just so nice.

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