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5pb. Holding January Press Conference

A CEO, two voice actresses and a kick boxer scheduled to appear at Xbox 360 focused event.

Event notice at 5pb.'s official site.

This was mentioned in last week's report on Phantom Breaker, but 5pb. has announced plans for a January press conference. The event will be held on January 8, 2011 at Ginza Pasella Resort and will cover 2D shoot'em up Bullet Soul and 2D fighter Phantom Breaker, both Xbox 360 titles.

The press conference will feature appearances by 5pb. CEO Chiyomaru Shikura, voice actresses Satomi Moriya and Akiko Hasegawa, and kick boxer Yuichiro Nagashima. Planned events include game presentations, a talk session, singing, a competitive play stage, and a demo area for attendees to sample the games.

Bullet Soul, one of two Xbox 360 games to be shown at the January event.

One point of note from the newly opened event information page, 5pb. refers to Phantom Breaker as a "bishojo" fighting game. Famitsu's report on the game did not list this genre.

5pb. will be inviting 100 members of the general public to cover the event for their blogs. Interested parties should check the event page.

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