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Nintendo Targets New Moms with Wii Fit Plus

Wii title suggested for use as post pregnancy fitness tool. Warning: cute baby pics included!


Kotomu (left, 3 months), Manaho (center, 4 months) and Kairi (right, 3 months) and their moms are Nintendo's latest targets for Wii Fit Plus.

Nintendo has started up a campaign titled "Post pregnancy exercise through Wii Fit." The campaign encourages new mothers to use Wii Fit Plus as an exercise tool following birth.

There's even a commercial (click on the one with the "3").

For the data shared in the commercial, and posted in full at the campaign page, Nintendo used a survey of 1,120 ladies with children up to 2 years age. The survey was conducted by Benesse's Woman's Park site.

Some of the figures from the survey:

  • 78.30% said they didn't exercise after birth. (This includes Manaho's mom).
  • Of those who said they exercised, 66.30% said that they wanted to restore their original weight (Kairi's mom appears to be included in this group).
  • Of those who said they don't exercise, 70.70% said the reason is that they can't leave their kids. (Kotomu's mom added that her older kid will also bug her.)

For more results, and some adorable baby pics too, visit the campaign page.

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