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Slime (Maybe) Appears in Mario Sports Mix

The final character for the Square Enix developed Mario sports game appears to have been confirmed.


The mystery Dragon Quest character for the Square Enix developed Mario Sports Mix appears to have been revealed in advance. Game Memo reports that Slime will be getting the honors in what has ended up being a crossover of sorts for the Mario, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises.

There have been many Slimes in Dragon Quest history. The Slime that appears in Mario Sports Mix will be a standard blue Slime, Game Memo reports. The character will use other Slimes to get in the way of other players.

Slime has not been added to the Mario Sports Mix official site yet. I'm not sure where Game Memo is getting its information, but they're usually a reliable source.

Not that Slime being the mystery Dragon Quest character would be much of a surprise anyway, given the character's popularity. (See Dragon Quest Fans Select Their Favorite Dragon Quest.)

Mario Sports Mix also has Final Fantasy characters. Mario characters too.

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