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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Jehn Mohran

Monster Hunter 3's desert beast that you fight from a sand ship returns for MHP3rd.


The recent Monster Hunter Portable 3rd made this pretty clear, but Monster Hunter 3's Jhen Mohran, the Crest Mountain Dragon, will be appearing in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Jhen Mohran is a massive beast that swims through the desert sands (see this story for a look at the game's fields). You face off against the creature in a special quest where you chase her in a sand ship. Die three times, and the quest ends.

You can make use of the ship's canons and ballista weapons to attack from the deck. The ship also has a giant lance weapon attached to its front, and a giant gong which can make the monster flip over.

When you've come within close range of Jhen Mohran, you can jump onto its back for more traditional hacking and slashing. You may even find some precious metals on the creature's back.

With the ship's array of weapons, this may seem like the perfect quest for a multiplayer session. During single player play, your partner Felyne characters will help you out.

You can a brief clip of Jhen Mohran in the recent trailer's closing moments (see this story for the trailer). For an in-depth profile, consult the Monster Hunter Wiki.

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