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Kinect Launch Event Attended by Idols and Wrestlers

Chance for priceless photo op opportunities as Team Kinect appears in Akihabara on launch day.

SKE48's Rena Matsui and Jurina Matsui are featured in Kinect's commercials. They'll also appear live in Akihabara for the device's Saturday launch event.

Microsoft's unlikely pairing of Kinect with cute JPOP idols will reach full form on the 20th as the hands-free controller device sees its special Saturday release ("special" because most video game product is released on Thursdays). Team Kinect, the Kinect promotional team formed by SKE48 members Rena Matsui and Jurina Matsui, will appear in Akihabara for a launch event, Microsoft announced today.

The launch event will be held at one of Microsoft's regular launch spots, the Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. Team Kinect will be joined by professional wrestler Keiji Mutou and Xbox 360 business chief Takeshi Sensui from 8:30 to 9:30am to countdown to the official start of sales.

To take part in the event, you'll need to purchase the Kinect sensor at the shop, either on its own or in its various system bundles. Only the first 200 buyers will gain admission.

Microsoft's press release announcing the launch event also hints that the Xbox Special Forces Division will be in attendance, so for a morning of potential Microsoft launch wackiness, head out to Akihabara on the 20th. Even if you don't plan on making a purchase, the event will be held in the event space outside the shop's entrance, so you should be able to view the festivities from the side.

For more on Microsoft's Kinect promotional plans, see this story.

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