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Catherine: Meet The Sheep

Two types of sheep at the official site this week. Plus, a look at the game's e-mail system.


The Catherine official site was updated today with a new character. No, it's not another variation on Catherine. And it's not another one of Vincent's loser friends.

The new character is a sheep.

Do you see the little guy on Vincen't shoulder? Unfortunately, there's no profile for this character. But you can hear some of its voice samples by clicking on it.

Click on the sheep at the Catherine profile, and he'll say "Showing this much skin, aren't you cold?" Click on the sheep at the Katherine profile, and he'll say "It's Katherine, who remembers the number of sugar cubes you prefer. She's like a parent."

There's also something a bit more substantial at the official site this week. The "game system" section has been updated with the second of three areas. Following the "drama" area from last week, we now have an introduction to "Stray Sheep."

Stray Sheep is the name of the bar/cafe that Vincent and his friends frequent. The official site describes it as the sole oasis for a distressed Vincent's heart. The description also makes mention of a "Gimmick Part" consisting of a variety of elements, including music, sake and games, what this means exactly is not clear.

When you're drinking at the bar, you'll sometimes receive e-mails from Katherine and your friends. You can reply to some of these. The game lets you build up your reply line by line, selecting from what appears to be preset sentences. Depending on your reply, you may get different reactions from the sender, and may even get a reply containing an image.

At the official site, you can see a video of the mail system in action. When Vincent presses send, a mysterious meter appears on the right side of the screen.

Also be sure and click on the cell phone image to the left of the screen for a wallpaper that you probably won't want to actually use on your computer.

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