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New Aya Brea Costume: Knight Armor

You'll soon find out how "knight armor" can be sexier than a maid outfit.

The costume reveals for The 3rd Birthday are becoming more frequent. You start the game exclusively with Aya's jacket and jeans (shown here).

Aya Brea's maid outfit hasn't even made it to The 3rd Birthday's official website, but there's already word of a new costume for the game.

Famitsu has a first look this week at Aya's "Knight Armor" outfit. Don't get the wrong idea from the name, though. The "armor" only covers parts of Aya's arms and legs. Her body is covered by what looks lie a tight fitting leather body suit which is completely open in the back. In other words, this is the sexiest "Knight Armor" outfit you'll ever see in a game!

More impressive than the outfit itself is the giant gun Aya is shown holding. This is so big that Aya has to hold it with both hands. It has a "pile bunker" sphere attached to it.

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