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Imageepoch Enters Publishing Business

RPG maker to announce intentions at press conference next week.


RPG maker Imageepoch, known as developer of such games as Last Ranker and the recent Criminal Girls, announced today details on its plans to get into the publishing business. The company will be holding a press conference on the 24th to share further details.

The conference will see announcement of a total of 8 games that are set for release in 2011, covering consumer game systems, PCs, smartphones, online games and social games. Imageepoch will also share its business strategy for 2012 and beyond.

Ahead of the press conference, the company has set up a special website. The primary piece of content at the site is an English-narrated teaser video:

The video promises "the second stage" for JPRGs, to be announced on the 24th. The Japanese text at the beginning reads "JRPG: Short for Japanese RPGs. Also called 'Classic Style,' it's also often used overseas with a negative meaning."

Imageepoch will be inviting 150 members of the general public to attend the event. To get your name into the raffle for slots, use the form that follows the movie at the teaser site.

For those who have been keeping up with Imageepoch developments, this is the press conference that the company's CEO mentioned in a blog post last month (read this story for details.)

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