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Catherine: Drink Beer To Speed Your Dreams Up

Famitsu provides an update for its readers' third most wanted game.

We finally know what the bottle icon means!

Famitsu has an update on Catherine this week. This isn't too surprising, as team Persona's first HD game is the third most wanted game amongst the magazine's readers right now.

The big reveal this week concerns the mysterious liquor bottle icon that can be seen in screenshots. This icon indicates how drunk Vincent is. Vincent can have three levels of drunkneness.

To get drunk, you'll need to visit the game's recently unveiled Stray Sheep area. Stray Sheep is the name of the bar where Vincent and his chums hang out. The bar serves four types of drinks: beer, cocktails, whiskey an nihonshu.

When you get drunk, Vincent's body will get hot, the liquor icon will be engulfed in flames, and the dream Vincent sees later that night will speed up. The way the magazine writes about this makes it sound like a good thing.

Also this week, the magazine provides a look at what happens to Vincent following his one night stand with the blonde Catherine. It seems that the following morning, Vincent's girlfriend, the long-haired Katherine, comes knocking on his door. This leaves Vincent in a predicament: Catherine is behind him, and Katherine is standing outside, getting aggravated about how long it's taking him to open the door.

This is what is waiting for Vincent the morning after his one night stand with Catherine.

Vincent's problems may go beyond just Catherine and Katherine, though. When Vincent wakes up following a dream, he gets a call from a mysterious person named "Steve," who says "Catherine is my girl."

(Note: "Catherine" and "Katherine" are written the same way in Japanese, so I'm not sure which girl Steve refers to in his conversation. I'm going to guess that it's "Catherine").

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