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Final Fantasy XIV Producers Detail PlayStation 3 Version

Console version already 100% ported. Team currently optimizing to get performance close to PC.

Square Enix has yet to share its final release plans for the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV.

This week's Famitsu has an interview with Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka and director Nobuaki Komoto. Amid all the expected apologies and discussions of upcoming fixes for the PC version of the game, the two provided a few details on the PS3 version, which is due for release in March 2011.

The PS3 version is currently 100% complete in terms of porting the game over from the PC, revealed Tanaka. It's already running on the PS3, and the staff is performing optimizations to make it play smoother.

Regarding differences between the PC and PS3 versions, Tanaka said "There is great difference in memory size, so we're placing effort into fitting as many resources as possible into limited memory and getting the most performance out of the CPU. On the graphics side, there will be areas with slight differences, such as texture resolution, but when seeing it it motion there won't be much difference. Of course, the game itself is the same, so PC players who play the PS3 version won't feel anything out of place."

The PC and PS3 versions will share the same servers, Tanaka told the magazine. However, it's possible that they'll add more worlds to match any increases in player count.

Newcomer PS3 players will obviously be at a disadvantage as far as game progress is concerned. Komoto said that they're looking into a few things to deal with this issue. One example could be offering merits to groups when newcomer players that they've invited into their community advance in level.

The magazine asked if we can expect a final PlayStation 3 release date announcement soon, but Tanaka would only say that because they're optimizing the game to get it as close as possible to the PC version in terms of quality, it will still be a bit before they can get the game into player hands.

There will be a major version up timed with the release of the PS3 version, revealed Komoto. This update could include tutorial elements, as this is one area that people complained about with the PC version, and the staff feels that it would be best to have it included for PS3 players from the start.

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