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Idolmaster 2 Release Date Set

Xbox 360 sequel arrives in February with special packaging and bonuses.

Pre-order Idolmaster 2, and you'll get a download code for the new Little Match Girl song.

Famitsu.com got the heads up today on Namco Bandai's release plans for Idolmaster 2.

The Xbox 360 sequel will be released on February 24, priced ¥8,800.

The first printing of the game will have some bonus content. On top of special glittery packaging, the game will include a 765 Productions employee card with an employee ID number and serial number, and four promotional images of the 765 Productions idols.

As a pre-order bonus, Namco Bandai will include a download card for the new song "Little Match Girl" and two Idolmaster 2 PR cards for trading card game Weiß Schwarz.

Visit Famitsu.com for the latest look at the game.

The first print run packaging. While you can't see it in the image, the packaging is glittery.

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