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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's Felyne Equipment Creation System

Here's how you'll create equipment for your little helper buddies in MHP3rd.


Here are a couple of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd style Felynes:

How did their weapons and equipment become so personalized? For that, we turn to a new feature for MHP3rd, a Felyne equipment customization system.

Visit the game's Felyne Weapons Shop, and you can produce equipment for three areas of your Felyne friends: weapons, head parts and body parts.

To make weapons for your Felynes, you use the materials leftover from your hunter weapon creation. In general, you can make Felyne equipment if you have enough money and the required spare parts. You can also choose to have some of your items transformed into spare parts.

If you have any questions about the process, just as Momiji, master of the Felyne Weapons Shop.

Felyne equipment is managed in your "Otomo Box," which is located in your house and on the farm in Yukumo Village.

For a glimpse at the vast variety of Felyne armor present in the game, visit this story.

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