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Power Pro Goes Golf

Big headed golf from the makers of big headed baseball.


The maker of Konami's Power Pro lineup of big headed baseball sim is trying its hand at its new sport. Famitsu.com has a first look today at the tentatively titled Powerful Golf.

In development at Power Pro Productions, Powerful Golf puts big headed golfers out on the greens for a round of golf. You can get a first look in the Famitsu.com article.

The key to any golf game is an enjoyable golfing system. Powerful Golf's system is currently a mystery, but Famitsu.com reports that it will be an original system created by Power Pro Productions. You can probably make some guesses based off the screenshots at the site.

Big headed golf from the makers of Power Pro!

The game will also have the simulation aspects one would expect of a Power Pro game. You'll be able to build up a custom golfer. This is also an area that's being kept under wraps for now, but once again you may be able to make some guesses based off the screens.

Powerful Golf is due for Spring 2011 release. The game will support four player wireless play.

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