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PS3 Torne DVR Update Adds Twitter Support

See what people are Tweeting as you watch programs.


Sony shared details today on the version 2.10 update for PlayStation 3's Torne DVR unit.

Version 2.10 adds a new "Live Function" to the device. This feature links the device up to Twitter. Viewers can post Tweets directly from the PS3 as they watch. Torne will also stream in Tweets related to the current program in real time.

Tweets can also be posted from the program guide and search screen, allowing you to easily notify followers about programs.

The free Version 2.10 update will not be available until some time this Winter. Sony is presumably alerting people to it today because the device's 320 gigabyte PlayStation 3 bundle became available for purchase today at ¥39,980.

Images of the new Twitter functionality. Torne has proven a huge success for Sony, with over 500,000 units sold.

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