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Nintendo Recommends Samurai Warriors 3 For Budget Pricing

Two additional Wii titles go budget in January.


Nintendo announced today the latest entries in its "Minna no Osusume Selection" budget lineup. Joining the current lineup of nine titles on January 20 will be Samurai Warriors 3 from Tecmo Koei and Momotaro Dentetsu 2010 from Hudson.

Like all Minna no Osusume games, the two titles will be priced ¥2,800. They'll have the series' standard packaging setup. The red packaging you see in the above image is just a paper sleeve which hides the game in its original packaging.

The timing of the Samurai Warriors 3 release appears to be timed perfectly with Samurai Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends, which arrives on January 27.

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