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Rune Factory Oceans Originally Planned Exclusively for Wii

Marvelous discusses multiplatform strategy, 3DS development costs and more in investors Q&A.

Rune Factory Oceans is due for both PS3 and Wii release

Rune Factory Frontier was a Wii exclusive. So was Rune Factory Oceans at one point, Marvelous Entertainment representatives revealed during the Q&A at a recent investors meeting.

Said an MMV representative, "Rune Factory Oceans was originally planned to be developed exclusively for Wii. However, after looking into the needs of the market, we switched it to PS3 multiplatform."

The statement was in response to a question about Oceans possibly indicating MMV's intention to make PS3 and Wii multiplatform development the norm. The responder noted that there are cases, as with titles that are strong overseas or target core users, where Marvelous took a multiplatform strategy on PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. "In the event that a multiplatform game is being planned, we'd like to select the hardware based off the target of each game."

The Q&A session also saw some commentary about MMV's 3DS plans. The company has multiple titles in development for the system. Development costs for these range from a minimum of 70 million yen to a maximum of 150 million yen.

The company also disclosed midterm sales results. These are shipments through the end of September:

  • No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise: 27,500 (PS3), 21,000 (X360)
  • Ikki Tousen Xross Impact: 33,500 (PSP)
  • Harvest Moon Twin Village: 168,700 (DS)
  • Fate/Extra: 104,600 (PSP)

Harvest Moon has since topped the 177,000 mark due to repeat orders.

For the last half of the year, the company plans shipments of 110,000 units across four titles. Included among these is Wii's No More Heroes 2 (released 10/21), which has shipped over 21,000 units and has already met expectations.

You can see a full Japanese language transcript of the Q&A in this PDF file.

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