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Yakuza Of The End's Play Spots Revealed

Take your favorite hostess out for a date in the hells of zombie Kamurocho.

Hostesses and more await, even as zombies run amok through Kamurocho.

In Yakuza Of the End, the neon city of Kamurochi descends to hell as zombies and other beasts take over. But that doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of late night fun!

Whether out on your own or out on a date with a hostess (who can apparently back you up in the game's new gunshot battle system), the new Kamurocho is full of play spots. Some are returning from past Yakuza games, with new features and gameplay adjustments. Others are completely new.

Here's a look at the areas that were introduced in Famitsu this week:

Host Club
You'll find two clubs, "Jewel" and "shine." All four heroes can pass the time with hostesses.
Table Tennis
The controls and difficult have been tuned for Of the End, making this mini game more accessible.
This mini game has "Nine Ball" and other modes of play. Enjoy pool while seeing your favorite hostess make sexy poses.
Modes include matches against hostesses and a mode where you have to clear difficult splits.
In Of the End, pachinko parlor Volcano now includes pachislot. You'll be able to enjoy the well known "King Camel" machine.
The four main characters all have their own distinct singing style. Fans simply must hear Majima and Ryuji's karaoke! (Note: this is Famitsu's enthusiasm, not mine.)
Select such play rules as cricket and count up. If you beat a hostess at darts, you'll get a kiss!
New types of bait have been added to the fishing mini game You may end up pulling in some surprising things besides fish.
The gravure model images for the targets are all new. Strike the panels, and you'll get to see some sexy images.
You can face off against hostesses on the golf field through various modes.

One thing to note is that you'll find many of the play spots in the sealed off area of Kamurocho where zombies are running amok.

In one of the earlier trailers, we saw that the manager and hostesses at one of the host clubs were armed and ready to fire at Ryu until he verified that he was human. This state of alert isn't limited to just the host clubs. A screenshot in Famitsu shows that the attendants at the Club Sega arcade are equipped with bats and hard hats.

Famitsu also had an updated look this week at some of the game's story scenes. We'll hopefully get an accompanying online look shortly.

We should be getting new story details, or at least screens, shortly.

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