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First Look: The Last Story's Online Play

Plus, get a larger look at the recently revealed packaging.


Nintendo finally sent out official The Last Story screens to the Japanese online media today. This is actually the first time this has happened. The only screenshots we've seen thus far have been through the official site.

You can see all the screens in this gallery, or below. There weren't any new gameplay or story details in Nintendo's update, so consult all our Last Story articles for a more detailed look at the story, characters and gameplay systems.


The Last Story begins as the young Elza, a mercenary, arrives in the beautiful Ruli Island with his mercenary group in search of new work.

They get work from the head of the island, Duke Arganon. Elza and his group view this as a chance to push aside the uncertain life of the mercenary in favor of a more stable life as a respected knight.

On their first mission in a nearby cave, Elza gains a special power...

(In case you haven't been keeping up, that special power is his "Gathering" ability")


Take control of main character Elza and freely move about the battle field. In one screen below, you can see Elza taking aim at a bridge. You're given the option of having Elza use his bowgun to take out the enemies on the bridge or have Yuris cast magic to destroy the bridge.


Elza uses Gathering to pull enemy attention towards him. This gives your allies breathing room to cast their magic. In the screenshots, you can see blue "pointer" lines concentrated on Elza, indicating that the enemy have their sites fixed on him.


When someone casts magic, the spell leaves a "magic circle" on the ground. Elza can use wind magic to spread the effects of this magic circle. In the screenshots, we see Elza spreading the effects of ice magic to make enemies slip.


These screens of Ruli City offer a look at the central plaza area, the shopping district and Ruli Castle. See this story for further details on a few of the locations.


Included in the screenshots are our first glimpses at The Last Story's online play modes. As previously detailed, The Last Story has two types of online play: co-op boss fights and versus combat. Both can be played by two to six players.

This shot shows the versus combat mode:

This particular fight features all Elza characters. There are conflicting reports from Famitsu's preview this week about whether or not this particular online mode only allows for Elza use. Regardless, all the Elzas look totally different because of the game's robust customization system (which unfortunately isn't shown in the new screens).

The text to the upper right appears to be a combination of updates on the battle -- things like "Hiroshi defeated Maiko" -- and preset user comments. It's currently unknown how you'll go about issuing the comments. Famitsu's preview did not cover this.

The co-op boss fight is shown here:

Here, players are clearly able to use different characters, although it looks like Yuta and Taku are both using Elza.


Finally, a larger look at the recently announced special bundle and bonus goodies. It's worth noting that the recent promotional poster image showing the Elza, heroine Kanan and the mysterious tiger is not the game's box art.

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