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Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Update

Logic Chess, the tough Judge, and a look at the first chapter.


Remember that "God of Law" judge Capcom revealed during the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Tokyo Game Show stage? Here's a closer look courtesy of the game's official site.

Hakari Mikagami is described as a "beautiful judge" who suddenly appears before main character Miles Edgeworth (note: I'm using the judge's Japanese name because as far as I know her English name hasn't been announced). She believes the law to be absolute, and despite her saintly smile will come down hard on anyone who breaks the law.

What is Judge Mikagami's reasoning for appearing before prosecutor Miles Edgeworth?

Also new the official site today, a close look at the game's first chapter and new Logic Chess gameplay system.

While you may think you've read about the first chapter before, Capcom never actually provided solid background details.

Miles' first case in Investigations 2 takes place Gourd Lake, a location from past Ace Attorney games. There's been an assassination incident involving President Outeikun, and Miles has been called in to investigate. The lake area was closed off following the incident, meaning the killer is still around somewhere.

As he conducts his investigation, Miles will encounter the following characters:

Taro Tanaka

This mysterious man who claims to sell ice cream. He's been taken in as a suspect in the assassination.

Mikiko Hayami

A reporter who's always out for a scoop and will often get into trouble as a result.


President of the republic of Zheng Fa. He's earned favor with his people due to his speaking skills and strong physique.

Manosuke Naito

Second in command of Outeikun's body guard unit. He's a big fan of chess and is also good with a gun. He does not cooperate with Miles, saying that the investigation will be conducted by Zheng Fa security.

While Naito is listed as the chess fan, Capcom's look at the Logic Chess system involves Miles facing off against Mikiko.

Logic Chess is an all new system which helps Miles deal with stubborn witnesses he encounters in his investigations. Using this system, you can make uncooperative witnesses cooperate. The system does not involve actually playing chess.

In the example above, Mikiko refuses to speak to you. Enter Logic Chess mode, and, you'll be able to bombard her with questions. The gauge at the bottom of the screen to the right depletes with time. You can keep on asking questions until time runs out. In the right screen, you can choose to ask "What was the subject of your report" and "Did you witness the crime?"

When using this mode, you'll need to pay attention to the witness's reactions, statements and expressions, as these could give clues. If something seems out of place, you can choose to press the issue or continue questioning in order to see how things turn out. If you press the issue and succeed, you'll destroy the witness's chess piece. If unsuccessful, you'll lose time on your time gauge.


Here are a couple of rough sketches showing preliminary designs for Judge Mikagami. The development blog shared the art today.

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