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Parasite Eve Soundtracks Revived

Square Enix tapping into music catalogue for CD reprints. The 3rd Birthday predecessors to lead the way.


Square Enix revived the original PlayStation entries in the Paraite Eve series as part of the build up to The 3rd Birthday's December 22 release. Now they're doing the same for the Parasite Eve series soundtracks.

Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve II will see their soundtracks reissued just a bit after The 3rd Birthday's release. Look for the Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack and Parasite Eve II Original Soundtrack on January 26, priced ¥2,800 each.

The two will also be combined in the Parasite Eve I&II Original Soundtrack Limited Box. Priced ¥3,800, this will also be released on January 26.

The Parasite Eve soundtrack releases are actually the first phase of a Square Enix campaign that will see the revival of classic out-of-print soundtracks based off Twitter-based voting. Following the Parasite Eve soundtracks, Square Enix also plans revivals of Drakengard and Unlimited Saga. You can find more details at the campaign page.

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