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New Catherine Video Shows Little Bits of Gameplay

Trailer number 3 for team Persona's first HD game.

Vincent and his friends have a discussion at the Stray Sheep bar. The Catherine trailers are starting to show a bit more in the gameplay department.

The latest Catherine trailer hit today courtesy of Famitsu.com. Access it there, or stream it here. Or if you really feel adventurous, wait until noon Saturday when it will be available at the game's official site.

Here's what's going on in between all the madness:

Early in the trailer, Katherine tells Vincent that he's been acting strangely of late, then after a few nightmare clips shouts "Are you listening!?" Vincent assures that he is listening.

Also early in the trailer, Vincent says (maybe to himself) "There are many things I don't understand myself." As he says this, red text reads "If tonight you see a dream in which you fall, you probably won't wake up."

In the bar, Vincent's friends tell him about a recent incident where a young man was discovered dead by his mom. This is one of the bizarre deaths that have been taking place around town. The waitress tells them that it seems all the men who've died are prone to cheating on their girls. Tobias says "Cheating on your girl is the lowest" (I believe he has the hots for the waitress).

"Who will die next?" reads the white text following the bar scene.

In the bed scene, we see the blonde Catherine telling Vincent seductively, "I won't allow you to cheat on me." In a later scene, I believe she says "Which do you prefer, dying or being killed?

The two old twins in the bar ask Vincent something to the effect of: "What are you trying to obtain? Will you be able to become the legendary man?"

After looking in the mirror, Vincent wonders if he's just tired.

The text at the very end of the trailer is about the game's bonus soundtrack CD. As previously detailed, the CD will include a selection of songs from Shoji Meguro, with a special booklet featuring a cover with a new illustration from Soejima.

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