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PS3 Class of Heroes 3 Set for PSN

Acquire planning download release for PS3 title.

Acquire gave a multiplatform release to Class of Heroes 3. The series is also coming to 3DS.

Dual download and retail releases for PlayStation Portable games are the norm. But the same can't be said for PS3 games, which tend to be either retail or download.

It looks like Acquire is going to be entering rarely used territory by giving a PSN downloadable release to the PlayStation 3 version of Class of Heroes 3. Weekly Famitsu's latest release list has the game listed for December 7 at ¥4,000.

Class of Heroes 3 was originally released for PS3 and PSP on October 7. The PS3 version sold for ¥7,329, making this quite the savings.

Strangely, a PSP download release has not yet been announced. The pricing makes this seem like it could actually be a PSP download release rather than a PS3 release, but Famitsu.com has posted the same information in its PS3 release list.

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