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Sega Planning (slightly ghetto) Virtual On Promotional Display

Gundam got a one-to-one scale model. Virtual On gets a one-to-one scale... poster.


Bandai celebrated Gundam's 30th anniversary by erecting a one-to-one scale Gundam model in Odaiba. It looked like this:

(That photo was taken by your andriasang.com Tokyo Game Show photography correspondent Shu. He's got more pics at Flickr.)

Virtual On may have mechs by the Gundam dude, but in terms of cultural significance, it's no Gundam! Plus, it's only celebrating its 15th anniversary, which is about half as many years as Gundam.

And so, Sega has hatched a slightly less impressive "one-to-one" plan for the franchise. At some undisclosed point, the exterior of Sega's multistory GiGO amusement center in Akihabara is going to be fitted with a one-to-one poster of Virtual On's Temjin 747A Virtualoid mech.

Sega hasn't shared an image of the poster, but it did send out a picture of the building:

Sega promises a future update with details on when the poster will appear, the poster's design, and how they're going to go about sticking the poster on the building.

In addition to promoting Virtual On's 15th anniversary, the poster is a promotion for the Xbox 360 version of Virtual On Force, which is due for release on December 22. This seems to suggest that Temjin will decorate the GiGO building some time in the next month.

Sega has displayed elaborate models of Temjin before. A human sized model is currently appearing .

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