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This Week's Early Flying Get: D Style

Venus & Braves demo details, Monster Hunter and Tales of Graces reviewed, White Knight book, and more!

The PSP version of Venus and Braves gets a demo later this week.

Welcome to this week's edition of D Style Flying Get. The "D" is the first letter of the source magazine for all the info.

The biweekly D Flying Get usually takes place on a Tuesday, but this week's Tuesday is a holiday, so it's shifted over by one day. The weekly F Flying Get usual takes place on a Wednesday, and will presumably stay that way this week.

As with all Flying Get series articles, the info you read here is based off summaries at message boards and Japanese blogs. There may be some errors or even totally false info, so if your life is on the line, wait for the more official reports elsewhere on the site.

Check back throughout the day for udpates!

ADDED 12:26

Venus & Braves Gets a Demo

Your first sampling of the PSP version of Venus & Braves comes this week! A demo is set to appear on November 25.

White Knight Chronicles Book Hits PSN

It looks like Sony is planning on releasing a digital novel for White Knight Chronicles. This will be available on PSN on the 30th, priced at ¥300. Buyers will get a "Sun King" helmet item for use in White Knight 2.

Atelier Viorate

Just a few details on the PSP version of Atelier Viorate/Violet this week. The PS2 to PSP enhanced port adds a large number of events and endings. You'll be able to take the new characters with you on your adventure.

Those new characters were introduced last week as Lapis, Sphere, and Nanami. They're voiced by, respectively, Hisako Kanemoto, Kana Hanazawa and Ayano Niina.

Monster Hunter & Tales of Graces F Reviewed

Dengeki got the first review score for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. The game received a high 90, 95, 90 and 85.

Dangan-Ronpa also scored impressively with the magazines editors. Similar to the high scores in Famitsu, Spike's high speed action detective game scored 90, 95, 95 and 75 here.

Tales of Graces F was also reviewed. I'm not sure of the score, but here's some of the comments:

  • There's hardly any loading
  • There's way more volume compared to the Wii version. The game is full of extra "yarikomi" stuff for players to sink their teeth into.
  • You can skip event scenes (wait... you couldn't do this in the Wii version?)
  • The battle system is "excellent." If you let your guard down, even the minor enemies can pose a threat.

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