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Catherine & Katherine at the Catherine Official Site

Just imagine if there were a third Catherine!


The gameplay section at the Catherine official site was updated today. Alas, still no details on the nightmare part. Instead, the "drama" part was updated with an area called "Catherine & Katherine."

This section details the enviable predicament main character Vincent finds himself in: a love triangle between Katherine, his girlfriend who expects to get married, and Catherine, the game's mysterious cover girl who appears out of nowhere. As previously announced, Catherine -- the game -- has multiple endings. Depending on Vincent's actions, the love triangle could result in an unexpected end.

There are a few irresponsibly tiny screenshots too:

Here's Katherine lecturing Vincent on the importance of savings:

Here's Katherine possibly complaining about Vincent having changed his cell phone number without telling her (oops!):

Here's Katherine getting pissed that Vincent won't open his door:

This may be the reason Vincent won't open his door:

Is Catherine wearing a nurse outfit? Because that's pretty hot.

Here's Catherine asking Vincent if he prefers dying or being killed:

Here's Catherine saying "This is super long." What the!

Also visit the site's character section to see what the sheep guy has to say about Vincent's friends.

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