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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Vaan, EX Revenge and Breaks

The latest character and gameplay details for the PSP sequel.

Vaan, the latest addition to the Dissidia cast.

Our latest update on Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy comes from Weekly Famitsu (with the screens you see here shared late last week by Famitsu.com). The magazine provided a more complete look at the Vaan character and shared the latest battle system details.

EX Mode and Assist System

Central to the Duodecim battle system are EX Mode and the Assist System. EX Mode, which was in the original, can be triggered when you've filled up your EX Gauge, by taking damage from opponents or collecting "EX Cores" from around the field. When in EX Mode, your character is more powerful and can perform their powerful EX Burst move. The Assist System, new for Duodecim, lets you summon an ally character into battle who will either attack your opponent or defend you from incoming attack. This uses up your Assist Gauge, which you build up by performing Brave Attacks.

The EX Mode and Assist System balance one-another. When you execute an EX Burst, for instance, you'll drain your opponent's Assist Gauge to zero. More substantially, the two systems counter one-another through three new systems: Assist Breaks, EX Breaks and EX Revenge.

Assist Break (left) and EX Break (right).

You perform an EX Break by striking an opponent who's in EX Mode with an Assist Attack. This forces your opponent out of EX Mode. The person performing the EX Break receives the Map Brave points.

You perform an Assist Break by striking your opponent's Assist Character. Your opponent will then be unable to call out an Assist Character for a brief period. The person performing the Assist Break receives the Map Brave points.

EX Revenge is trigged when you try to switch to EX Mode while being attacked. In the original Dissidia, doing this would stop the opponent's attack. In Duodecim, EX Revenge will be triggered, slowing time down, and allowing you to pummel your opponent with attacks. As a tradeoff, EX Revenge eats up your entire EX gauge, so you can't actually switch to EX Mode and use EX Burst.

Even when being pounded in an EX Revenge attack, your opponent isn't totally defenseless. By doing an assist change, your opponent can break out from the revenge.

EX Revenge

Final Fantasy XII's Vaan

Vaan's appearance in Duodecim leaked out of Jump early last week. Famitsu's look at the character has a closer look at some of his unique characteristics, complete with commentary from Battle Planner Takeo Kujiraoka and Creative Producer Tetsuya Nomura.

As explained by Kujiraoka, Vaan sets himself apart from other characters in his concept of "Switch Attacker." He'll switch between different weapons for his various skills. For his Brave Attacks, each ability is associated with a particular weapon, and is even named after the weapon, resulting in such names as "Katana" or Crossbow." Vaan can use a total of 8 weapons, along with bare hands

Central to Vaan's character is his "Switch Skills." Different from other characters, Vaan keeps his weapon out even after finishing his attack. If the next Brave Attack you use is based off a weapon different from the current one, Vaan will unleash a Switch Skill. The actual skill differs based off the current weapon.

Vaan's EX Burst is based around FFXII's Mist Knack. Similar to Gabranth's EX Burst, you press R to shuffle skills, then circle to execute a skill. According to Kujiraoka, Vaan's EX Burst is at the top level of flashiness amongst all the characters.

Vaan's EX Burst, to the right.

Nomura's comments on Vaan mostly concerned the character's casting. As announced by Square Enix last week, Vaan's Japanese voice actor has been switched from Kouhei Takeda to Kenshyou Ono owing to some difficulties with Takeda's former agency. Square Enix originally said that Vaan ended up in the game despite the voice actor conflict because the character was highly requested by fans. In the Famitsu interview, Nomura added that as the staff waited for a response from Takeda about appearing in the game, development had already progressed with the assumption that Vaan would be in there.

Nomura seems pleased with the result, saying "Ono was selected via auditions. He fit the character so well that you'd be surprised. While we were recording in the studio, there were numerous cries of surprise. He's taking great care with Vaan's role, so look forward to it."

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