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Imageepoch Unveils First PS3 Title

RPG developer making downloadable simulation RPG.

This is just one of eight games Imageepoch will be announcing at a press conference later today.

Last Ranker and Luminous Arc developer Imageepoch said some time back that it planned on trying its hands at HD development. It will be doing just that through an original self-published downloadable PlayStation 3 title called Chevalier Saga Tactics.

Famitsu has first details. Chevalier Saga Tactics is an orthodox strategy RPG set in the time of knights in Medieval Europe. Players form an army of troops and strike back against an invading country.

The game has two modes of play. There's a "strategy mode" in which you give out commands to individual units. There's also a "large scale battle mode," where you command large armies in online play.

On the gameplay system front, the game will have a variety of jobs, including wizards and knights. But that's all we know at the moment!

Imageepoch will be hosting a press conference at 14:00 today where it will outline its plans as a publisher. Chevalier Saga Tactics will likely be there, so expect further details in a bit.

Famitsu does not list a specific release time frame for Chevalier Saga Tactics.

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