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Fan Excitement Over Catherine Made Red Bull Come Out of Director's Nose

Hashino wants to make sure players know what they're getting.

Details on Catherine's gameplay systems will be announced from here on out, says the game's director.

Catherine is currently the third most wanted game in Famitsu. I was personally a bit surprised to see this. But not nearly as surprised as the game's director, Katsura Hashino who says that he was so surprised upon seeing the ranking that his Red Bull came out of his nose. "Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest... Catherine?" writes Hashino in the latest post at the Catherine blog.

While Hashino appreciates all the attention, which he says is coming from both in and out of the game industry, he admitted to being a bit worried that there will be too much hype for the game, or people will end up buying Catherine expecting something different from what it is. So, he gave a bit of advice for potential Catherine buyers.

First, the game's genre is not RPG. Also, while while it was announced as an action adventure, it's not the kind of game where you freely roam around a location, solve the mysteries of a story, and blast away at approaching monsters. "It's a game made with a cinematic (?) fusion of action-puzzle and adventure. This is why if you're not all that good at action games, I think you'll be okay."

The actual "gamey" areas of the game are, as we've been lead to believe, Vincent's nightmare scenes. Details on these areas will be announced from here on out, but Hashino warned that the gaming sense you might have developed from playing other games will probably not apply here. "From our perspective as the developer, this is one of Catherine's enjoyable points."

"It certainly does not have the level of freedom of many of the popular games of today. However, if you're interested in 'a slightly different feeling,' I believe you'll be fulfilled by the unique 'good feeling' that can only be experienced with this game."

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