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Professor Kawashima Says New Brain Age in Development

New game could be on the way for 3DS.

Nintendo released a couple of downloadable Brain Age games (shown above), but actual retail releases stopped after the second entry.

Nintendo stopped making DS Brain Age games after the second entry in the series, despite over 33 million units sold throughout the world. But the wait for a third entry may at last be coming to an end. Professor Ryuta Kawashima, the guy whose name and likeness appears in the games, confirms development on the third game in the series in a book called "Saraba Nou Game," or "Farewell Brain Games."

Game journalist Hiroki Tachibana wrote a report on the book for his regular Gamersta column at Biglobe Game, and passed along the few details on the new Brain Age game.

Kawashima claimed that he couldn't share details, as he's sworn to secrecy. However, he mentioned a 2010 year end time frame for the game.

Nintendo has not yet announced the new game, making Tachibana speculate that its target platform could actually be 3DS. Although now due for release in February, the system was originally planned for release at the end of this year. It's possible that Kawashima hadn't heard of the February release time frame before the book's publication earlier this month.

In the book, Kawashima explains why Nintendo has waited so long to release a third entry in the series. Apparently, he and Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata agreed to wait until they could create something with "a special idea."

With the game now scheduled for release, it looks like they have come up with that very idea.

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