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Final Promise Story: Story and Gameplay Details

Imageepoch introduces us to its first self-published JRPG.


Imageepoch opened a teaser official site for Final Promise Story last week. Today, the site saw its full opening, and Imageepoch distributed official screenshots to celebrate.

As detailed last week, Final Promise Story is a PSP RPG that will serve as Imageepoch's debut title as a publisher. The game is set for April 28 release, priced at ¥6,279. In case there was any doubt, the official site confirms that Imageepoch is producing and developing the game itself.

The main attraction at the site is the game's first trailer. This actually leaked out last week, but in case you didn't see it then, you can view it here, straight off the game's new YouTube channel.

Sections at the site for character, battle, keyword and special are currently inactive, but as usual Weekly Famitsu has some additional details.

The magazine says that FPS will draw a clear line between itself and all those orthodox RPGs where players bring peace to the world by journeying into the heart of enemy territory and so forth.

The game is set in a kingdom called Yggdra. Yggdra, the sole civilization to possess magic, was considered the ideal kingdom, but has started to fall to the overwhelming might of the mechanized empire known as "Savi Chantier." You play as a soldier of the the Messiah, the name for Yggdra's leader. You'll fight to save the people of the falling kingdom.

The game's main character is Wolf (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya). Wolf, who uses the sword Xanadu, is the leader of the seven Messiah Knights He has great talent in both sword and sorcery, but at the beginning of the game, he does not know of his capabilities.

Also introduced in the magazine are Seles and Rushdie. Seles (voiced by Yukari Tamura) uses as a weapon a halberd named "Valkid." She's the princess of Yggdra and a Messiah Knight. She has both charisma and a strong sense of justice, and came to wield her weapon once again for her people. Rushdie (voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki) is Wolf's long time friend. He wields a bow and arrow known as Formasteen.

The weapons wielded by the Messiah Knights are known as "Golden Weapons." They have tremendous power, but they also eat up the soul of their user. This works into the gameplay. Each character has an SP (possibly "Soul Power") parameter. Once this is depleted, the character is "Lost" for good and can never be revived again. While not getting too specific on how the SP or Lost systems work, Famitsu's article notes that "The price for using skills is your soul."

The game's command-based battle system promises a high level of strategy. Famitsu again doesn't get too detailed here, but it does mention one unique feature. The enemies will apparently adapt to your strategies beyond the limits of individual battles. Famitsu says that it would be a mistake to be confident just because you've fought and defeated certain enemies over and over again.

The name "Final Promise Story" comes from an element of the game's story. Apparently, the only way to save the people from their despair is for two Messiah Knights to exchange a "Final Promise." This is something that can only be exchanged between two characters who've formed a tight bond with one-another. Players will have to develop a strong relationship with their fellow knights and decide in the end whom they'd like to exchange that Final Promise with.

Much of Final Promise Story is being kept a mystery for now, but Imageepoch has plenty of time until the April 28 release date to fill in all the blanks.

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