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Square Enix Dominates Want List For PS3 Remakes of PlayStation Classics

Three Final Fantasys at the top, 12 Square and Enix branded titles in the top 20.

How'd you like to see Final Fantasy VIII remade on PS3?

With their low resolutions and framerates, even the finest PlayStation classics can be difficult to play today. But what if you could play some of those classics fully remade with PlayStation 3 level visuals?

Goo Ranking took up this very topic in an October survey. The site got the opinion of 1,075 people on what PlayStation title they'd most like to play with PlayStation 3 visuals.

Square and Enix totally dominate the list, claiming the top six spots and twelve of twenty overall. PlayStation's three numbered Final Fantasy games took the top 3.

Here's the full list.

  • 1. Final Fantasy VIII (Square)
  • 2. Final Fantasy VII (Square)
  • 3. Final Fantasy IX (Square)
  • 4. Xenogears (Square)
  • 5. Valkyrie Profile (Enix)
  • 6. Paraiste Eve (Square)
  • 7. Ghost in the Shell (Sony)
  • 8. Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu (Human)
  • 9. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (Namco)
  • 10. Dino Crisis (Capcom)
  • 11. King's Field (From Software)
  • 12. Segare Ijiri (Square)
  • 13. Legend of Dragoon (Sony)
  • 14. Front Mission Alternative (Square)
  • 15. Vagrant Story (Square)
  • 16. Tobal No.1 (Square)
  • 16. Kowloon's Gate (Artdink)
  • 16. Bushido Blade (Square)
  • 16. Ehrgeiz (Square)
  • 16. Pepsiman (Kid)

The Goo Ranking survey responders were 33.7% male and 66.3% female. 18.1% were in their 20s, 30.9% in their 30s and 25.7% in their 40s.

Yes, there was actually a game based off Pepsiman. Pepsiman also appeared as a secret character in Sega's Fighters' Megamix.

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