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ACE P's Sub Missions, Secret Units and Multi-zone Fields

The latest on the portable Another Century's Episode.


Our last look at Another Century's Episode Portable revealed improved customization systems for beefing up your mechs prior to heading out on missions.

Today, Namco Bandai provided a look at the missions themselves, highlighting three areas: multi zoned stages, secret units and sub missions.


Different from past ACE games, most of the stages in ACE P are split into multiple areas. This fits well with the game's multi player component, as you can have your teammates split up to tackle different areas simultaneously.

The full stage layout can be viewed via the "Mission Information" screen. The layout shows the position of you and your two partner mechs, enemy and allied forces, supply points and other points of interest.

In general, to reach new areas, you'll need to defeat the area's defensive forces. But some areas will only allow entry if you've achieved special conditions. You may end up clearing a mission without unlocking all areas.


In some missions, you can clear certain conditions to make hidden enemies appear. By defeating these, you'll get ACE Points in the results screen.

The conditions for making these enemy units appear is usually marked with "???" in the mission select screen. After you've made the enemy appear once, the "???" will be replaced with the exact condition for doing so.


In addition to a main objective, missions have a number of sub mission conditions. Examples include "Defeat over 25 enemies," "Use your unit-specific weapon less than 20 times" and "Use a crossover attack once."

Clear these, and you'll get bonus Ace Points after clearing the mission. Once you've cleared a sub mission, it's marked with a star in the mission select screen.

Secret unit condition shown above right. Sub missions listed below right.

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